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Neon Valley: Revenge


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Neon Valley: Revenge
Neon Valley: Revenge

The government has won the cyber war. Their grasp chokes the citizens of every country as oppression rules the world. Then a group of hackers carved out an untraceable piece of the cyberspace and created the underground network known as Neon Valley. Since then, it has become a place where both the good and the bad coexist as the last of the free. And such places always attract a need for entertainment, thus the Neon Valley Colosseum was born.

An online shooter inspired by retrowave and neo-80s. Neon Valley takes an arcade-like route to the shooter genre. With high score leader boards based on both skill and style. Fast-paced combat akin to Quake and Unreal Tournament. Game modes such as floor is lava, obstacle courses and more. Neon Valley is a place where the best come to attain infamy and carve out their name in the cyberspace.

The new frontier Neon Valley. A place free from the grips of the government, a place where humanity indulges. This is where black market trades are done, where secrets are shared and ideas, outlawed by the government, discussed. A world where the good and the bad coexist as the last of the free.

At the core of Neon Valley, the Colosseum exists. On the surface, it thrives as an entertainment complex. As challenges for skill junkies. As a platform to notoriety. But the Colosseum fuels this virtual world. It draws in new challengers all over the world and with this comes opportunity. The black market programmers use it to test virtual weapons. Dealers barter and wager on the outcome of battles. Designers display their latest fashion code. Map editors design intricate battlegrounds. At the centre lies you. The user. Will you show the world what you’ve got?

This is a place of entertainment where most come to conquer the battlegrounds. To prove their skills above all others in the new frontier and obtain infamy. For some of our ambitions never fade through the ages. However, behind the Colosseum and the city is a network of shadows who control its affairs. Some support the rebellion from the shadows… Others profit off the market and guide its very design. Their whims might be in your benefit.

Neon Valley: Revenge

Neon Valley: Revenge


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