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Nine-Tailed Okitsune Tale


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Nine-Tailed Okitsune Tale
Nine-Tailed Okitsune Tale

In this Japanese-style action RPG, the main character, Kohaku, a nine-tailed fox, transforms into various forms to catch evil spirits which have been mischievously unsealed, and grows as he solves a series of anomalies!

Kohaku was originally notorious as a mischievous fox and is rejected by the capital’s residents.

Can he or she (Kohaku’s gender is unknown!) save the Capital of Nasubigahara and bring peace safely to it…?

Features of this Game

(Suitable for those who enjoy the production and character dialogue more than the high difficulty action and gameplay!)

* Character voices are in Japanese.

* Available for both keyboard and gamepad.

* Regardless of whether you are an individual or a company, and regardless of whether or not you monetize your work, you may use the game’s copyrighted materials up to the end rolls in your video and still image postings.

Key Fetures:

  • More than just Kawaii! Scenarios that make you think.
  • More than 20 characters with unique voices
  • Soundtrack by Mr. aaaa to enliven the fantasy worldview
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics by game creator BAYACHAO
  • Action RPG for beginners

Nine-Tailed Okitsune Tale

Nine-Tailed Okitsune Tale


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