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Nope Nope Nurses Melee


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Nope Nope Nurses Melee
Nope Nope Nurses Melee

The unbelievable spinoff off Sakusei Byoutou! You might not believe it, but it’s now a 2D fighting game! It’s kill or be killed, and either way you’re getting sucked dry!

An entirely original story in the universe of Sakusei Byoutou, brought to you in the form of a 2D fighting game!

We’ve teamed up with Yano Kakuto, the game developer headed by Yano Tomoyuki of NO Motion, to bring you this fresh new spin on things!

Relive the good old days of the small screen as your favorite nurses duke it out in a 640×480 window!

In the story mode, you will play as Tachibana, defeating other nasty nurses to advance the plot.

All characters are playable in VS mode. Local two-player battles are available.

※Online battles are not supported.

Sakusei Fighters features a wide range of original systems to spice things up, such as Medical Combos, Special Overdrives, and the Sperm Stock system.

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Make no mistake, this game is more than just a silly joke – it’s the real deal.

An Easy mode is available for players new to fighting games or who wish to focus on the story.

It will let you experience all the thrills of battle with a simple input scheme!


It all begins with a mysterious pot of coffee left in the nurses’ station.

After drinking it, the nurses all become terribly aggressive, irritated by anything and everything.

Our protagonist, Tachibana, is no exception. While she recognizes that something is wrong, she cannot resist the call of battle!

Meanwhile, the nurses she defeats find themselves still unable to quell their arousal and turn to Yamada to satiate their desires!

Just who is behind all of this madness? Find out for yourself!

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