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OASIS: Tokyo


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OASIS: Tokyo
OASIS: Tokyo

OASIS: Tokyo is an FPS with a focus on inventory management that has roguelite elements. Undertake contract missions for powerful mega-corporations and other clients in the criminal underworld of an alternate history near-future Japan in order to find the location of the fabled Oasis, a rumored secret location hidden somewhere in the country.


Complete procedurally generated missions with randomly selected objectives, locations, and enemies. Fight against local gangs, hired PMCs, corporate security and more as you accomplish 6 different objective types such as retrieving sensitive information, defusing EMPs, and eliminating specific enemies of the client in 6 different environments. Dying will cause you to lose the gear and items you brought in and looted during the mission, but you’ll keep your cyberware and other aspects of your character.


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Pick up and use a variety of 19+ weapons including melee weapons in close-range environments. There are a variety of attachments that can be used to customize most weapons that affect their performance. Weapons use magazines taken from the grid-based inventory that must be reloaded in the inventory after switching magazines.

Play Your Way

Build out your character using class-based cyberware Cores that determine the different types of cyberware slots you have, as well as unique cyberware that can be installed per core type. Advance your character using an assortment of skill trees. Launch hacks against vulnerable enemies using cyberdecks. Extract valuable exports from vulnerable devices on your missions, which can then be either used to influence the next mission or sold for a profit.

There are also different options to customize your experience including permadeath and different difficulty modes that affect the difficulty of various mechanics.

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