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Poop Slinger


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Poop Slinger
Poop Slinger

Poop and Slingshots United, make every Elimination Count!

Grab hold of your favorite Poop Slinger, load it with your favorite poop and start slinging.

Including the FREE Zombie DLC

There are 12 different Poop Slingers and 4 different types to choose from. Blast big turds up close or shoot smaller pellets from a distance. Every map and game mode as the right Poop Slinger for the job.

Poop Slinger includes a casual progression system. Just sling poop and unlock new maps, game modes, slingers, poop colors and attachments as you journey along.

Daily, Weekly and All-Time Leaderboards using GameSparks.

4 Game Modes

Zombie: Battle your way through hordes of Zombies in the New DLC for Poop Slinger!

Objective: Eliminate the target and receive a bonus.

TP: TP periodically falls from the sky. Don’t let it hit the ground! The TP will increase in speed and points as the level progresses.

Key Fetures:

  • 12 Different Poop Slingers
  • Mod your Slinger with Attachments
  • 9 Unique Maps + 3 Zombie Maps
  • 4 Game Modes
  • Casual Progression System
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards (GameSparks)

Poop Slinger

Poop Slinger


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