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Redgar: The Space Viking


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Redgar: The Space Viking
Redgar: The Space Viking

Redgar: the Space Viking

Redgar: The Space Viking is an explosive top-down shooter set in a retro-futuristic world combining dark medieval times with science fiction. Whew, what a mouthful. Let’s try again…

Redgar is a viking. In space. Murdering enemy waves.

A mysterious rock of unknown origin has struck on to the surface of Earth, bringing with it amazing technology never seen by humans before. As Redgar, a young and reckless space viking, you must save your family from the evil regime of Stratos X, who plans to take over the world with the help of old gods.

Uncover the secrets of the new old world and its eccentric inhabitants, explore the highly detailed maps and let the adrenaline run free when you turn your enemies into mush with various powerful weapons!


Be Redgar, the legendary space viking hero

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Destroy your enemies with powerful medieval and sci-fi weapons

Use the energy shield and other special devices to turn the odds in your favor

Enjoy beautifully handcrafted levels

Explore grim space ships and dungeons

Use a stealthy approach to silently kill without anyone noticing…

…Or go out all guns blazing! The choice is yours

An original, electrifying soundtrack

Redgar: The Space Viking PC Crack