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Screws Loose


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Screws Loose
Screws Loose

Battle Your Friends

In Screws Loose you play the role of a robot and your only goal is to kill all other robots. Earn points by ending your foes but be careful because those points can be lost by dying.


Tired of fighting in the same place? Well I have good news for you! We have a handful of maps for you to pick from to spice up your game. Be mindful not to fall off the edge.


Like any good shooter we have a disembodied announcer who watches and comments on the state of the match at any given time. Kill Streak! Robot Slayer! Rampage! Killing Frenzy! Untouchable! If you ever decide you might not like the current announcer’s voice or maybe just want to change it up a bit then I have something for you. In your settings menu you’ll find a dropdown list of voices you can pick from to replace the announcer.

The Guns

What is a shooter without some guns? Well here you’ll have access to any gun you want at any time. Ammo is endless but you still might have to reload from time to time. You may ask “Is that a double barrel pump action shotgun?” and to that I simply say… yes. “Isn’t that really dumb? It makes no sense.” Yes and I love it because of how stupid it is!

Screws Loose

Screws Loose


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