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Seraphic Destroyer


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Seraphic Destroyer
Seraphic Destroyer

This is a TPS action game focusing on breaking things.

A beautiful female alien came to Earth and started blowing up the houses with a handgun.

Motivation behind the game

We want to eliminate player’s frustration.

Purpose of the game

Main game: Destroy as many objects as possible within 300 seconds.

Training Level: A level with no time limit. You can destroy objects until you are satisfied.

Characteristics of the game

Since she (Player) is an alien, she can:

She can run as fast as a car.

She can jump 10 times as high as a human.

And she can jump three times.

Somehow she can blow up a house or a car with a gun.

Weapons of the player

KATANA, Handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers

You can shoot a gun while running.

Objects to destroy

Boxes, houses, cars, motorcycles, lights, boats(All objects are Unattended)

Combat target

A squad of policemen (There’s no bloodshed, no gore.)


House: 30 points

Car: 20 points

Bike: 10 points

Boat: 25 points

Police officer: 30 points

Street Light: 5 Points

Wooden box: 0 point

Houses that don’t explode: There’s only one kind of house that doesn’t explode. Please don’t attack to avoid wasting your time.


The STEAM Leaderboard stores the high score.

This game has a day and night cycle.

We composed music for this game.

You can choose to return to the main menu or quit the game by pressing the ESC key.

Method of operation

Move: W, A, S, D

Jump: Space key

Seraphic Destroyer

Seraphic Destroyer


System minimum

System recommended