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You play as two lowly minions to the Dark Lord, tasked with becoming stronger and conquering worlds.

You may play Singleplayer and be accompanied by your Ally (AI controlled), or play with a friend in 2 Player Local Coop via Steam RemotePlay. Together, you will synergize your builds and work together to vanquish those who would stand in your way.

Annihilate your foes with a variety of auto-attacking abilities, ranging from fireballs and boomerangs to exploding ice sculptures and pushable boulders. Throughout your quest, you will be offered unique relics to further empower your abilities. Gifts from the Dark Lord. Use them well.

From the creator of

Nomad Survival

, this is a Bullet Heaven unlike any you’ve seen before.


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Key Fetures:

  • Auto-attacking Horde Survival Roguelite with a unique twist, 2 characters means 2 builds, and many skills interact with the other player directly.
  • Play with an AI-controlled Ally, or with a friend using Local Co-Op (compatible with Steam RemotePlay)!
  • Unique skill level ups – most filler is removed in favor of giving skills more interesting effects when leveling them up!
  • Each run is unique, with each room presenting various risks and rewards!
  • Acquire relics to aid you in various ways throughout your playthrough, modifying the behavior of your abilities and more!
  • Take on a boss fight that awaits you in the final area of every zone. Each boss has their own special attacks and abilities!
  • Many elemental skills interact with each other. For example, some Water skills make puddles, and Storm abilities electrify them!

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