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Space Pirate King


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Space Pirate King
Space Pirate King

Make a space battleship with parts and fight

become a villainous space pirate and become a pirate king

Defeating the bad guys is good

What kind of game

You can do this with a space battleship to discipline the bad guys.

Realize your dream of defeating the bad guys and doing good deeds in the game.

There are different strategies for one mission.

Reproduce your favorite work

How to make a battleship

The space battleship is made up of multiple parts.

Build the strongest space battleship with customization

The combination of parts is infinite !

About parts

Manufacture parts synthetically or steal from enemies!

There are many types (more than 100)

Wave cannons, turrets, warp devices, generators, phalanx, camouflage and more.

Key Fetures:

  • Attack on passenger ships
  • Steal money from a cargo ship
  • Repel guards
  • Escape from the warship
  • Neutralize enemies in electronic warfare
  • Pull with a tractor beam to stab
  • Passenger ships will surrender if there is some damage.
  • In battle missions, battleships made by someone will appear.
  • In electronic warfare, if you change all nodes to green, your opponent will surrender.
  • ECM disables missile guidance

Space Pirate King

Space Pirate King