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Spectre Of Eternity


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Spectre Of Eternity
Spectre Of Eternity

Drifting in cold space

Awake to nightmares near

Survive to safety

Spectre of Eternity is a game about waking up in worlds you don’t recognize, and trying to survive. Fly around space, avoiding the dangerous enemies and collecting upgrades to your mech. Make it to the end of each level to find your way back home to hopefully find safety.

The game includes three levels with gorgeous art, with each level having different groups of enemies to try and best! Pilot your mech expertly and dodge all the projectiles being hurled at you by your enemies. Strategize how to best deal with your enemies by using your target picker and choose between five different modes of firing to blast them out of space! Choose your favorite weapon out of the seven different types and learn how its upgrades effect it! Maneuver your mech to get in the perfect position to deal maximum carnage!

Spectre Of Eternity

Spectre Of Eternity


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