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Stellar Ghosts Settlers


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Stellar Ghosts Settlers
Stellar Ghosts Settlers

Currently in Closed Beta. If you want to be part of it,

use our online contact form

to let us know. Places are limited.

Stellar Ghosts Settlers is a Sci Fi Fantasy 3rd person action shooter game that sticks to the basics and immerse you in a world full of original and powerful wild life.

You’re part of a group of settlers who decided to go away from the corrupt galactic Government’s yoke. The settlers decided to set their first colony on the recently discovered and uninhabited planet Prosopopia B-21, planet full of resources so that the colonists can thrive. Despite the hostile wild life the settlers managed to set multiple bases across the planet. Unfortunately it wasn’t that long until the galactic Government found out about that treason and decided to invade the planet in order to get their hands on all those new resources.

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Key Fetures:

  • 6 Playable characters
  • Lots of weapons
  • use characters’ specific abilities (regeneration, mega blast, force shield, invincility, sidekick orb shooter and incineration)
  • Enjoy hours of gameplay with Campaign Mode’s missions
  • Fight hordes of hostile wildlife pests
  • Epic fights against powerful bosses
  • Drive mechs and use higher firepower to fight through the levels
  • Complete the missions and unlock new arenas in Arena Mode
  • Upgrade your favorite characters’ stats with the credits you receive after completing each mission
  • Showcase your skills in the arena and see if you can make it to the leader board

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