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Somewhere in the vast unknown, a rogue planet drifts endlessly into space, once belonging to an advanced civilization that has now been consumed by Tastrion, an artificial mutagen that is the most potent genotoxin ever made. The last hope of humanity has been deployed from Ginsaria 9, a space colony that has developed a gunship titled ”Desolazor” wielding a powerful weapon to fight back and eradicate the infestation before it spreads further across the galaxy…

Tastrion is a Shoot ‘Em Up inspired by 90’s classics such as Gradius, Arrow Flash, and Gleylancer. The weapon system is simplistic. 4 Buttons, 3 shots. Main frontal Photon lasers, multi-directional Ion spread, armor-piercing rail gun, and an all-powerful solar-powered radiant bomb. with the help of upgradable pickups across your missions, turn your weaponry and ship into the ultimate massacre machine.

The game includes:

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Key Fetures:

  • 6 Stages, 12 bosses, 5 secret rare power-up containers, and 1 secret super difficult stage.
  • 1 Single-player game mode
  • Weaponry upgradable up to 8 times.
  • Dark-synth and industrial-themed music.
  • The trailer is not a complete representation of the final product, so expect enemy placements and details in stages may be slightly different on release.
  • There will be some future updates after release and it will be added to the game.
  • supports Xbox and Playstation controllers but mainly focused on Xbox users.

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