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Test Tube Titans


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Test Tube Titans
Test Tube Titans

Grow procedurally generated monsters in a lab and then send them out into the world to create havoc using physics-based controls. That’s the basic idea behind Test Tube Titans.

*IMPORTANT: Multiplayer is only supported when each player has their own controller.

Key Fetures:

  • Per Limb Control! A complex but rewarding control system that is fun and satisfying. (best enjoyed with a controller)
  • Random Character Generation! With an infinite array of possible titans every experience will never be the same.
  • Fully Destructible Environments! Dismantle buildings, fight off law enforcement, eat people.
  • Unlock Rewards! Upgrade your lab as you progress to achieve more powerful titans through cross-breeding, special abilities, and larger containment cells.
  • Local Multiplayer! Play co-op (2 players) with a friend through the main campaign, or go head-to-head wrestling (up to 4 players)! *
  • A Challenging Campaign! 35 missions to prove your mastery of the titans.
  • Creative Mode! Jump straight into making the weirdest and strongest titans without any restrictions.
  • Lo-fi Soundtrack! Over 30 original music tracks to set the mood.

Test Tube Titans

Test Tube Titans


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