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最后的仙门 The last Practice Sect


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最后的仙门 The last Practice Sect
最后的仙门 The last Practice Sect

This is a very simple but complex tower defense game with some meat pigeon elements

Many different towers can be upgraded and equipped with many different equipment.

Of course, in this game, the tower is not called a tower, but a disciple. The equipment is not called equipment, but a magic weapon. You need to arrange the disciples in the array and let them participate in the battle.

The array can be upgraded to obtain random skill selection opportunities to match your disciples.

Disciples have 8 qualities. The way to obtain them mainly depends on the spirit stone obtained by killing demons. Magic weapons also have 8 qualities, which are obtained by killing demons.

There are hundreds of attributes and skill entries in the game. The quality and attributes of disciples and magic weapons are random. Even the attributes of disciples and magic weapons under the same quality are random. Therefore, the magic weapon of low-level disciples is not necessarily worse than that of high-level disciples. Everything is full of random or random.

Players need to start with low-level difficulty, collect magic weapons, draw high-quality disciples, and strengthen the initial attributes and state of the sect through the reincarnation power, so as to challenge higher-level difficulty.

Just like the friendly tips in the game, when it comes to the survival of the race, the higher the chance of peerless Tianjiao. Try to resist the invasion of the demon clan and expand your immortal gate!

最后的仙门 The last Practice Sect

最后的仙门 The last Practice Sect


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