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Tokyo School Girl


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Tokyo School Girl
Tokyo School Girl

A unfortunate tragedy has happened in the city of Tokyo. Yuki who is destined to become the heir and ruler of Tokyo has been kidnapped by the powerful menace Lion Knight who wants nothing except to rule the city with a iron fist and become the city’s ruler. Lion Knight has placed experienced fighting ninjas across the city to stop anyone that gets in his way of destroying Yuki.

Yuki has a sister named “Tokyo School Girl” the woman who wears a holographic dress so you can see her toned legs when she runs or is in combat, after all she wants you to know she has been preparing for this battle. Tokyo School Girl must defeat the ninjas of the city and rescue her sister who will become the ruler of Tokyo.

Experience Tokyo School Girls journey in the epic open world of Tokyo and use souls-like combat with a sword and a gun.

Lock on your enemy targets, dodge their attacks, pull levers that activate secret pathways, inflict damage on the ninjas, solve puzzles placed in the world, replenish your health, and make your way to defeat the Lion Knight and save your sister who is the only hope for the people of Tokyo!

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You must dodge fires and viscous attacks from the menace named the Lion Knight and ninjas across the city and use hand to hand combat and dodge mechanics to rescue your sister.

It won’t be an easy task, this attack on Yuki was planned for a long time as Lion Knight holds a grudge against Yuki and Tokyo School Girls father and that is why he is causing chaos along with the desire of having complete control of the city.

Lion Knight has heard many rumors of “Tokyo School Girl” and her fierce battles with criminals across the city in the underworld.

You must prove these rumors true to him, use your sword, gun, or hands and dodge enemy attacks, and find Lion Knight’s hiding spot in the city using clues across the map, and then come face to face with him and rescue your sister Yuki who is destined to rule Tokyo.

Lion Knight easily captured Yuki and would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for Tokyo School Girls popularity and her holographic dress that her legs peak through that caused talk around town along with her reputation as a jiu-jitsu fighter. Oh the urge of the people of Tokyo who quickly told Tokyo School Girl that her sister Yuki the future leader has been kidnapped by a big, mean, and metal giant of a knight.

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