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Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲


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Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲
Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲

This game has only 1 stage and 1 player character. The length and difficulty of the game are similar to the extra stage of official Touhou games.

One day a mysterious cat challenged Reimu in her dream.

Despite the fact that the game style is highly similar to the official Touhou games, this is the first time that we try to switch to full HD resolution. To seek new possibilities for shmups, we also used Unity Engine with several popular technologies, such as 2D bones and dynamic materials.

Due to the lack of difficulty options, this game can be difficult for beginners. Therefore, in this game, you can hold down Special button (C by default) to enable Auto Dodging without any limitation. However, Auto Dodging cannot solve all the problems, you have to use it wisely in order to beat this game.

Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲

Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲


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