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Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy


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Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy
Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy

Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy is a “Touhou Project” 2D Fan game made of “Horizontal Action”+”Danmaku Bullet hell”. In this BOSS RUSH game, you play as the Touhou famous character Cirno, become a hero, and embark on her journey to liberate the Gansokyo and save her dear princess.

Move freely on the battlefield as you control high-mobility character and engage in exciting danmaku battles!

Don’t get fooled by the beautifully-designed danmaku fired by the bosses, they are stunning yet lethal!

Create your own unique build with the funny wacky Spell Cards and Items!

The Player will rescue the princess, and embark on this humorous and interesting journey with “Cirno” and other popular Touhou characters.

We recommend that you can experience the free game “Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy: prologue” to ensure that you understand the complete story of the game. In the prologue, Cirno will go to the rumored “Scarlet Castle” to find the whereabouts of the Misty lake princess. and she must face the “warm welcome” from the scarlet sisters alone.

Key Fetures:

  • High-mobility Fighting
  • Stunning Danmaku
  • Custom Builds
  • An Epic Adventure

Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy

Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy