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Typomancer in the Feather’s Way


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Typomancer in the Feather’s Way
Typomancer in the Feather’s Way

Run, jump and type words to conjure spells and help your typing wizard to disinfect the platforming TyWorld from the slime monsters! Be prepared to type a lot, because it will allow you to reload your feather and control the world around you.

Key Fetures:

  • In this platform adventure your goal is to get the feathers on the map.
  • There are enemies and they can be destroyed by hitting them with letter spells.
  • To reload your magic pen you’ll have to type the words below the player.
  • There’re interactive elements on the map that you’ll need to type to activate, deactivate or move.
  • More than 5000 words: Our vocabulary counts with almost 5500 words, which are grouped by use in day-to-day life, uncommon words are used in some enemies to make them a bit harder.
  • 4 difficulty levels! Easy (less than 40wpm), Medium (less than 60wpm), Hard (less than 80wpm), Insane (more than 80wpm).
  • Multiple Keyboard Layouts: Beyond the most common QWERT we also support AZERTY, Dvorak, Workman and Colemak.
  • Import your own vocabulary: Import your list of words to play! It only works with English words, it will ignore words with special characters.

Typomancer in the Feather’s Way

Typomancer in the Feather’s Way


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