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Vague Lizards


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Vague Lizards
Vague Lizards

Greetings to you brave Rus, troubled times have come to our lands!

This game is a dynamic third-person action thriller in the Old Slavic setting.


We had a misfortune, during the celebration of St. Andrew’s Day, the sneaky Lizards stole all the Baikal Voditsa! We must confront this ancient evil and fight back once and for all. It became a real misfortune for our village, because Baikal Water has unique properties and heals people from many diseases. Alexey Bukhalov and Maxim Obosranov, our faithful friends and experienced warriors, decided to help us resist this ancient evil and return the stolen water.

Go through many trials and fight against various opponents to get back the water and protect the villagers from evil.


1. Fight different gangs of enemies:

– Use a variety of fighting styles and strategies;

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– improve your skills and abilities to become stronger and more effective in battle.

2. Choose and upgrade weapons:

– choose the right weapon for each type of combat;

– Upgrade your weapons to increase their damage and effectiveness in battle.

3. Recapture lost territories:

– Plan and execute successful attacks on enemy territories;

4. Explore large and diverse locations:

– Explore new areas of the map by unlocking secrets and finding valuable items;

– Interact with the environment by completing missions and solving puzzles.


– A large arsenal of weapons to suit every taste: from small knives to massive axes!

– Interesting tasks: help all the villagers in the battle with the Lizards by completing various errands.

– Unforgettable rhythmic soundtrack, emphasizing fights with enemies, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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