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Vampire Mansion


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Vampire Mansion
Vampire Mansion

“The main character, who was carrying goods to sell to the market,

got into an accident due to a fallen tree due to heavy rain…

He was helped by Velina, the owner of a nearby mansion,

but when he woke up, he was greeted by the blood-craving vampire Velina.

Let’s avoid her and escape the mansion.”

Explore the mansion, find a way to fight the vampires,

find the key, and escape the mansion.

If you get caught by Vampire Velina, you’ll be vampire and lose your vitality.

You can explore the map to find holy light, pure water, garlic spray, etc. to incapacitate Velina,

and retrieve her key from the incapacitated Velina to escape the mansion.

After clearing normal mode, you can enter hard mode,

and in hard mode, you can read Velina’s hidden story.

Also, a new ending cutscene is provided.

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After clearing the hard mode, you can play the extra “Velina’s Room”.

In Velina’s room, you can change Velina’s skin

or arrange furniture to enjoy Velina’s various motions.

▷ Charming characters

▷ Tense gameplay

▷ Simple controls

▷ Game modes: Normal, Hard, and Velina’s Room

▷ Various skins and cutscenes unlocked as you play

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