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Velvet Guard


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Velvet Guard
Velvet Guard

You got one bullet, fire it wisely as one mistake may cause you death in this fast paced game. Choose from a selection of abilities to survive in difficult situations and master them to become the champion of the Velvet Guard. Change up your gameplay with many of the available game options and get that sweet victory you’ve always wanted!

Velvet guard is my first commercially available game and one of my first finished games since I started to make games 3 years ago, it’s an 8-player party game centering around its core mechanic; one bullet. With different gamemodes and options each gameplay is never the same, with a wide array of abilities and expressive depth the game can be quite challenging and will surely make you wanna scream at your friend of either joy or frustration.

Notable features:

The controls are simple but with layers of expressive depth, there’s also a wide range of abilities that makes the gameplay even more challenging!

Key Fetures:

  • Diverse abilities to change up your gameplay and challenge your skills
  • More than 20 different ways of playing
  • Fast paced combat
  • A wide range of levels with their own unique style and interactions
  • An online mode to play with friends all around the world


System minimum

System recommended