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Village of Zombies


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Village of Zombies
Village of Zombies

In Village of Zombies you can fight against zombies and mutants together with other players or alone on different maps, the goal is to survive as many levels as possible. The game always starts at level 1 and with each level increase, more zombies and stronger zombies come. Points are earned with every hit, and bonus points for every kill of a zombie. With the points gained, the player can buy more powerful weapons that make it easier to survive at higher levels. In co-op, players can revive each other, as soon as no player is alive, at this point it is game over.

Online Co-op

Up to four players can play together, each game begins in the lobby area, where other players can be waited for until the host starts the game. Players can also join games that have already started. You can play alone (offline) or online just with friends. But it is also possible to set the host settings to public. So any player can join at any time.


It’s a third-person shooter with multiple characters to choose from. Before starting or joining a game, you have the option of choosing a character from a list to play with.


There are different maps that can be played on. In multiplayer, the host decides which map to play on, players who join a lobby cannot select a map, they are directed to the map that the lobby host has selected.

Village of Zombies

Village of Zombies


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