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Wild West Z


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Wild West Z
Wild West Z


1896. Louisiana is ravaged by a newly appeared unknown force, dubbed the Origin, which has emerged from the bowels of the earth and created monsters that destroy people and devour their souls. The U.S. Army is unable to counter and retreats, leaving total chaos in the state. Most of the residents were either killed or fled, but some were able to band together to take control of the situation. The territories are divided between them and each wants to establish their own orders, but not everyone wants to play fair and try to master Origin and use its power to establish a dominant position in the world of rifles and revolvers. We, on the other hand, are a member of one of the gangs, destined to deal with this and find out what Origin can do in human hands.


Key Fetures:

  • Follow the story by running various errands to increase the influence of your gang.
  • Participate in gunfights against other gang members in different locations.
  • Fight the different kinds of monsters spawned by Origin.
  • Explore the open world by exploring new locations.
  • Explore the story through dialogue and cutscenes.
  • Try out different styles of quests: out in the open, stealthy, saving ammo, and using edged weapons.

Wild West Z

Wild West Z


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