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Winter Fury: The Longest Road


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Winter Fury: The Longest Road
Winter Fury: The Longest Road

Thanks for the feedback, we had a few quick update fixes resolved. Check out the Dreamhack video.

Nothing tears through a defense like the .50 cal.

Practice the Grenade toss!

A Blitzkrieg, a horrifying parade of destructive machinery, approaches the Allied front. The Allies’ sole chance at surviving the devastating onslaught is a soldier with a classified, experimental M-4 Sherman tank. Turn the tide of war with a combination of steel resolve and good ol’ American ingenuity.

The M-4 can take a pounding, but packs a wallop. Bust bunkers with cannon shells or take out foot soldiers with a .50 caliber machine gun to take back the battlefield. Wield motion controllers either seated or standing and pilot the tank from a third-person perspective, or go on foot for first-person gun battles.

Hop out of the tank and fight for freedom with rifles, machine guns and handguns. Scope in with the sniper rifle and the UI shifts so the whole headset shows the sights, making for an intuitive aiming experience unlike any other. Mountable heavy machine guns, grenades and more unlock-able weapons prove invaluable when fighting paratroopers to well-armed bosses.

Key Fetures:

  • 6 Missions
  • Unlock weapons
  • Get ranked based on time and accuracy
  • Designed for players with motion sickness
  • Have a nice day

Winter Fury: The Longest Road

Winter Fury: The Longest Road


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