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Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek


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Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek
Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek

Will you be able to save a child from the dark schemes?

Ominous flames rise again in a once-peaceful world ruled by the Jade Emperor after the defeat of the Demon King.

As the exorcists fall against the minions of the Demon King, Dongbaek, a lesser exorcist,

is sent to the Seal Town by the order of Lord Yeomna.

Journey through the Demon-infested Underworld, defeat the Demons and collect ancient records to find the missing child and hidden truths.

Rebuild the ruined village and become a powerful exorcist.

Game Features

Key Fetures:

  • Experience the dream-like village and Underworld inspired by traditional Korean paintings, reimagined as game art.
  • Shapeshift between human and feline forms to avoid traps and manipulate objects to open new paths.
  • Uncover hidden places to get skills and various items to collect.
  • Gather the scrolls that hold the memories of Dongbaek and the secrets of Yeomna to search for the truth of the Underworld.
  • Demons newly created, based on traditional images of Korean folklore, appear as friends or foes.
  • Lively characters created from a combination of traditional 2D frame-by-frame and skeleton animations.
  • Strategically switch between gun and blade depending on the combat situations.
  • Rebuild the village and become more powerful with the help of the villagers.

Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek

Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek


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