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Fidget Spinner RPG


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Fidget Spinner RPG
Fidget Spinner RPG

Spin, craft, upgrade, and violate the laws of physics.

Fidget spinner RPG is all about spinning a fidget spinner to absurd RPMs.

Along your journey you will level up skills such as mining, blacksmithing, and alchemy.

You will craft equipment to augment your stats and enhance your power.

You will achieve tasks & advance through a nonlinear progression.

You will buy and sell items of all sorts to NPC merchants.

And you will unlock talents that increase your capabilities in exciting ways.

All in the pursuit of more RPM.

Skills, Abilities, and Talents

Level up 7 different skills: Competency, Spinning, Mining, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Haggling, and Alchemy.

Each skill provides it’s own perks: base stat bonuses, unlocked abilities & features, and a passive talent tree to spend points in.

Items, Crafting, and Stats

Items can have nearly any combination of the game’s main 13 stats, as well as unique effects that shake up the way you play.

In your pursuit of better gear you’ll find that every item you craft increases your crafting proficiency for that item, making subsequent crafts of the same item roll better stats.

Insane Speed

Progress through over the top effects as you reach higher and higher RPM.

Fidget Spinner RPG

Fidget Spinner RPG


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