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Night Of the Loving Dead


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Night Of the Loving Dead
Night Of the Loving Dead

You have to explore the island of the zombie apocalypse. A huge open-world full of various zombies and mutants now is available to you.

Not only zombies, other players, or hostile NPCs can pose a threat.

You can complete quests to improve your player or you can explore the map with your friends by shooting zombies or other players.

You have to face unusual zombies, we taught them to evolve using genetic algorithms, so be careful, any of your actions will affect their evolution. Also, special types of zombies are very dangerous, they have special abilities, they are stronger and faster than ordinary zombies.

And if you are tired of completing quests and killing zombies together with other players, you can play as a zombie too, by attacking players and NPC settlements. You can create your horde and ravage the lands of the vast open world of the post-apocalypse.

Key Fetures:

  • huge Open World;
  • 12 Different Locations;
  • game Mode For Survivors and Zombies;
  • evolving Zombies;
  • special Types Of Zombies (various Mutants).

Night Of the Loving Dead

Night Of the Loving Dead


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