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PERIMETER: Legate Edition


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PERIMETER: Legate Edition
PERIMETER: Legate Edition

Players can transform the terrain to obtain energy, use as offensive tool or improve defenses while having to deal with hostile geological processes and entities known as ‘Scourge’

Taking place in the Chains of Worlds, players assume the role of Legates, commanders of frames, overseeing base development and leading strategic battles. As the narrative unfolds, players embody different Legates from various factions, providing multiple perspectives on unfolding events.

Centuries after the Exodus, new coalitions emerge, challenging the ideals of the spirits. The Return coalition, led by the Committee of Truth, seeks to return to Earth from the root worlds, rejecting the spirits’ dogma. Similarly, the Spongean Empire advocates for enhanced humans conquering the Psychosphere rather than marching towards promised utopias.

Players undertake missions for different factions, shaping the narrative of the Psychosphere’s history over centuries. This extensive timeline makes it challenging to introduce human characters, resulting in a unique storytelling approach.

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Key Fetures:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux
  • Support for widescreen monitors with almost any resolution. You can change the resolution without restarting the game, and in windowed mode, changing the window size dynamically adjusts the game resolution.
  • Full support for online multiplayer gaming
  • Capability for multiplayer with more than 4 players (on special maps)
  • Enhanced textures and models
  • Support for custom mods
  • Improved game balance
  • Availability of all frames from both Geometry of War and Emperor’s Testament, as well as electro-technologies in battles and multiplayer. New player colors added.
  • Numerous minor improvements and bug fixes

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