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PowerWash Adventure (v0.3)


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PowerWash Adventure  (v0.3)
PowerWash Adventure (v0.3)

Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of power washing

In PowerWash Adventure, you can conduct cleaning in a variety of scenarios, such as gardens, garages, parks, schools, etc. Flush away all the dirt and debris to restore them to their original states. Use the golden coins you earn to buy and upgrade different types and functions of high-pressure water guns to make your water gun more powerful and flexible, and enjoy the thrill of flushing and sense of accomplishment.

Explores infinite possibilities in Multiverse

Travel through diverse universes and embark on the rinsing adventures with different themes and styles. You can clean up traces of alien life in a space station, engage in intimate interactions with beautiful characters in a dream realm. Each scene has its own unique storyline and mission, giving you unlimited surprises and excitement.

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Graffiti, and create your own stages

That’s not all, you can also use the supplies to become a graffiti master, unleash your imagination and creativity to spray-paint or clean up others’ graffiti, furthermore, you can use your imagination to create your own stages and share them with other players to communicate with, or you can experience other players’ stages to taste their creative ideas.

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