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Minimal Escape


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Minimal Escape
Minimal Escape

Fantasy, fairy tale-like, puzzle adventure game

Simple gameplay with difficult puzzles.

Experience a fairy tale fantasy in a puzzle adventure game.

Minimal Escape is a story about a small fairy in a fantasy world.

Is the dark world you travel simply a little nightmare, or our future to come?

Traverse and purify the polluted world and try to restore its former beauty.

Main Features

How to play

Minimal Escape is a top quality indie/arcade/adventure mobile game.

Listen to the echoes of the environment.

The world’s fateful secrets lie before you.

Play this beautiful odyssey now!

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Key Fetures:

  • A mix of arcade, adventure, and puzzle
  • Incorporates the laws of physics
  • 24 alluring and addicting stages
  • Advanced puzzles that require all of your brainpower
  • Exquisite 3D animation created with the Unity engine
  • Offers a dreamlike, surreal experience with its highly immersive visuals and audio
  • Diverse and original level designs
  • Solve complicated puzzles, and escape and survive against all sorts of obstacles
  • Find hidden elements, explore paths, and collect stars
  • Simple controls with directional and jump buttons that require a little bit of luck

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