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Jorogumo’s Cradle


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Jorogumo’s Cradle
Jorogumo’s Cradle

Jorogumo’s Cradle is a short first person horror game. You are stuck in the woods with a monster that attacks you during the night. Explore the area, build tools to fend off incoming attacks, and most importantly, survive until the very end.


Eerie Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the haunting ambiance of a wild forest filled with secrets and shadows, where every step could lead to terror or revelation.

Survive the Night: As darkness descends, brace yourself against the relentless attacks of a terrifying spider-like monster.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle: Experience the ever-changing atmosphere of the forest as day transitions into night and back again. Adapt to the shifting conditions as you struggle to survive until dawn breaks and the darkness retreats once more.

Resource Management: Collect wood, light up the fireplace, and make sure you keep the flames lit until dawn arrives.

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Key Fetures:

  • Make torches at the fireplace and burn down the enemy spider webs using them.

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