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Absolute Fear -AOONI- / 最恐 -青鬼-


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Absolute Fear -AOONI- / 最恐 -青鬼-
Absolute Fear -AOONI- / 最恐 -青鬼-

20 years after the birth of the legendary horror game “AOONI”…

A completely new first-person, 3D horror stealth action “Absolute Fear -AOONI-” is now available!

Players take on the role of a younger sister searching for her older sister in a mysterious mansion where AOONI roam.

The clues left behind will help you solve the mysteries of the mansion, which changes one by one.

AOONI, which relentlessly pursues players when it spots them, exerts an overwhelming presence as if it were real.

Experience a completely new AOONI that is created by crouching, looking back, peeking, and other authentic stealth actions, intertwined with a variety of items and mysteries.

18 levels, a mysterious mansion, a forest with a towering radio tower emitting suspicious noises…

In addition to the various mysteries, the ending also diverges depending on the outcome of your play.

Absolute Fear -AOONI- / 最恐 -青鬼- Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • Players who like live streaming.
  • Knows AOONI
  • Likes horror games.
  • Likes Stealth action games
  • Likes to solve riddles.
  • Likes RTAs.
  • Wants to play easily.

Absolute Fear -AOONI- / 最恐 -青鬼- PC Crack