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Ocean Punk


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Ocean Punk
Ocean Punk

The main features: survival, building, exploration, combat, technology

The four major seasonal climates set against the backdrop of ocean currents: the mild → the storm → the ocean current → the cold snap

Collect supplies by rafting: collect wood, seagrass, coral, ore, and so on.

·Including semi-finished products such as discarded plastic bottles and gears that require specific instruments to be processed and refined;

·Trade items with randomly appeared mystery merchants.

Escaping from the disasters various disasters brought about by enemy groups and seasonal climates;

The cold wave requires something like cotton clothes to keep warm.

How to survive? Schedule a specific time for each role to divide the work.

Players can expand the survival place according to their own preferences;

After the tavern’s renewed, you can recruit new characters of your own choice.

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Seasonal climate affects the sea, triggering random events and sea monsters;

·Get items after killing animals: kill rabbits to get radishes, meat, radish seedlings, kill sheep to get wool, meat, etc.

·Trigger events:

Fishing (making bait, making fish food)

Planting (sowing, watering, harvesting, making materials or foodstuffs)

Taverns (trading, recruitment, etc…)

Solving survival problems — killing animals, making clothes, refining advanced materials — building power systems.

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