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44 Minutes in Nightmare


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44 Minutes in Nightmare
44 Minutes in Nightmare

The game does not support a controller, so please use a keyboard and mouse to enjoy the game.


The daughter of a wealthy man who fell into a coma after falling into a deep, dark dream.

NIGHT DIVE, a machine that separates body and consciousness, was developed to rescue her from her nightmare.

One man DIVES into her dreams in exchange for an unbeatable reward.

Will he be able to hide from the threats lurking in her nightmares, rescue her, and escape…?


It will feel quite difficult until you get used to it.

It is very important to read the notes to know the characteristics of items, enemies, etc.

Also since everything is random, it depends on luck to some extent, but it’s not a luck game.

The more times you play, the more experience you will have, so please take your time.

# Dungeons

Randomly generated dungeons that are different every time you play.

The rooms, furnishings, placement of items, and enemies that appear are all random.

Even in similar rooms, the placement of paintings and accessories are all different, so keep a close eye on your location as you move.

# Items

There are various items that are necessary for escape and items that help you survive.

The items are all randomly placed, so the timing of finding them and choosing what to bring can make the difference between life and death.

There are also passive items that have lasting effects and secret items.

# Enemies

Four different Enemies with different characteristics that respond to sound and light, and a rare, vicious special Enemy.

Enemies are also different each time you play, and each time your spirit is tainted, another additional enemy is summoned.

44 Minutes in Nightmare

44 Minutes in Nightmare


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