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Angels Cove


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Angels Cove
Angels Cove

Angels Cove is a first-person psychological horror game.

Explore a secluded house on a remote island to conduct a paranormal investigation…


The game starts off as you crash your boat getting to a remote island. You need to find your equipment and make your way across the island to get to the house exploring other buildings and areas of the island unlocking areas of access along the way.

Story Line

You’ve been called to the house to investigate strange disturbances. But the house is abandoned. The closer you get to the truth, the more the activity intensifies. Your role now is to understand the past behind the house and its island home…..or is it?


In Angels Cove, you are only armed with your investigation equipment. However, you will need to find items to access other areas of the island and the house.

Explore every corner to find collectibles and hidden achievements.

You won’t die in this game. But you will be haunted as your investigation gets closer to the truth.

Angels Cove

Angels Cove


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