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BANISH is a Single Horror Game (for now). As a Priest, you are sent by the local church to a failed exorcism attempt in the Luxford Mansion. The Church Mission is about Mrs. Margaret Luxford who disappeared from social life after the unexplained suicide from her Husband.

Find out what happened with the Exorcism attempt, finish the Process, and try to stay alive if possible…

Banish her!

New High Fidelity ( AMD and Nvidia Performance for Ultra Graphics ) with low to middle Hardware requirements.

Ready to Banish?

Banish the Entity

Different Ritual Places, different Locations of the Items, Different places where the Entity can find broken Mirrors, locked Doors, and more will make every round different.

Show her with a Hand Mirror her real Face, she won’t like that… This will give you time to fulfill the Ritual.

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Key Fetures:

  • Enter the Mansion. But be careful the possessed Entity is around and Hunts you.
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different states of Anger of the possessed Entity
  • No two Rounds will be the same. Changing Behaviour from the Ghost and different Banish locations etc. are making every Round Different and need you to Plan your steps wisely.
  • The goal is to find and start the Ritual by finding Banish items and fulfilling Tasks which ends in a frightening Run against the Entity.
  • Difficulty increases as you progress with the exorcism. If she gets angry…
  • Hide in closets, help your friends by reviving them, and more
  • The Entity can travel through broken Mirrors, her position is not predictable and will challenge you and your Group.
  • Replayability
  • Fight back

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