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Black Cat


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Black Cat
Black Cat

This is a first-person horror game with simple mechanics. To progress through the story, the player needs to find quest items that will help gradually reveal the story of the main character. The game contains amospheric soundtracks, music and lots of sound and visual screamers.

This game is based on the story of Edgar Allan Poe and was created to convey a unique atmosphere of horror and hopelessness. In a world where there are otherworldly forces, even the kindest person can sooner or later become a hostage to their secret vices… This is a terrible story about man, who standed on the path of cruelty and learned all the facets of madness.

For those who do not want to put up with evil fate, the game has a secret ending. To unlock it, you need to find all the hidden unique items – there are 6 of them. Can the main hero cope with the madness, or the thread of his fate will break – it is you deside to.

Black Cat

Black Cat


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