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Concealed (v1.0.0.2)


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Concealed  (v1.0.0.2)
Concealed (v1.0.0.2)


The “Parallel” comic series:

“Parallel” is a series of short horror comics created by “”九日十夜””, which brings together many long or short independent horror stories. Comparing with “Ghost in the Pool”, the first attempt of game making in this series, “Concealed” is a much bigger work in terms of scale and gameplay.


It all started from a peaceful semester when Meng Jiangnan returned to “”Diyingling”” high school after finishing her exchange program abroad.

Like all other regular students, Meng had been living a simple life in the school, until the occurrence of some weird incidents one after another…

With missing girls, unsolved cases, and bizarre urban tales circulating in the school for years, the truth is to be illuminated. Is it cruel or heartrending? Meng had to face what were about to happen all by herself…

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Concealed is a horror visual novel game in black and white comic style.

·With 7 chapters of rich plots, the game progress as time goes

·The game provides over 10 hours play time with rich narratives and gameplay. Every choice you made leads you to different endings. Will it a redemption, or destruction?

·Over 200k words, 20+ characters, tens of scenarios, and rich plots presented in traditional storyboard style provides a unique experience

·Concealed and Ghost in the Pool will have a crossover that Ya Ru will appear in Concealed. She will be the key to explore the high school secrets

·”Parallel” is a series of school horror stories that one connects with another, Ghost in the Pool being the prelude. Concealed will lead you to a mysterious school horror story world

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