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Escape From School : F.E.L.I.K


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Escape From School : F.E.L.I.K
Escape From School : F.E.L.I.K

You were locked up at night at school in Chernobyl. You can get out only by blowing up the reactor, but to gain access to the reactor control panel, you need to open the armored door. To do this, we collect all the components and insert them into it. But beware of the monsters and mutants that inhabit this creepy place, each of them will hunt you down. Solve all the secrets of the Soviet school, some of them are scary, some of them are creepy. Also, be careful, radiation exposure can cause hallucinations, so pay attention to every creak you hear.


Survival Staffs


How would you feel if you woke up at night in a locked abandoned school? In addition to you, there are brodt mutants here, as well as the souls of the workers of this institution. Be extremely careful when walking around this building, any careless movement and you risk being noticed by mutants. Use the ladders in the back rooms to move between floors without being noticed. And if you hear an intensifying pumping sound – run.

Key Fetures:

  • 1 building – the place in which you appear. He is guarded by the mutant F.E.L.I.K, who, although smaller, is intelligent. To escape from him, you need to disappear from his sight for a long time. Look for key cards of different colors and open cabinets in which you can find survival items, as well as items to open doors
  • 2 building – guarded by Ilyich. You should not go to this building if you do not have a camera. Despite the high speed of this ghost, you can eliminate it for a while if you take a photo, so the flash will eliminate it. This city also contains the items to open door 305, as well as the map key.
  • Camera – is entered only in the first building. carried in the hands. The main purpose of this item is the elimination of Ilyich. The delay between shots lasts 4 seconds, so make sure Illich is close enough to you, because if the flash doesn’t hit him, you risk getting caught by him. Also, with the help of the flash, you can show hints on the pictures.

Escape From School : F.E.L.I.K

Escape From School : F.E.L.I.K


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