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Get Me Out, Please


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Get Me Out, Please
Get Me Out, Please


A tragedy began with a girl getting badly burned in school during the early Meiji period.

Years later, four high school friends attend an academy in a rural town called Matsudo.

As members of the newspaper club, they aim to boost the local area by uploading videos.

One day, they explore an abandoned school rumored to have mysterious monsters and past incidents, based on some documents they found.

While investigating an old well, they uncover a new truth and gradually approach the incident’s truth.

However, they don’t realize something strange is happening to them too.

Can you solve all the mysteries and reveal the truth in this horror escape action game set in an old abandoned school?

◆Game Features

『Get Me Out, Please』 is a survival horror game where humans try to escape and monsters try to stop them!

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Key Fetures:

  • Character Illustration:homare
  • BGM:Art Stone Entertainment Inc.
  • Scenario:Yasutaka Ikeda(studiodelta, Inc.)
  • CV:Lilia Tsepel(VASE)
  • D.H Inc.
  • THINK & FEEL Inc.
  • studiodelta, Inc.
  • Matsudo Content Cooperative
  • Matsudo Content Business Conference

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