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Horror Explus


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Horror Explus
Horror Explus

In the world, there are people who want extreme experiences

One of the many experiences is a horror experience.

Player want a horror experience and take on a risk challenge.

Key Fetures:

  • You have to find out for yourself who exists in this vast building and what is happening.
  • A variety of things are hidden in the building, including mysterious phenomena, medicines, components, junk, cursed objects, and safe zones, and more.
  • The interior of the abandoned building is very dark. You will need to use a flashlight and lighter.
  • Collect junk and craft useful passive skills and consumables on the workbench. Speed, inventory, weight, stash, recovery, various potions, etc. However, be careful as there may be dangerous items among the clutter.
  • If you encounter an unknown chaser, don’t stupid and keep running away.
  • If you can’t run away to chaser, try hiding. Maybe it’s the best choice.

Horror Explus

Horror Explus


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