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Enter an abandoned village in the 70’s and encounter the Japanese urban legend “Giant Head O

It is a multi-end horror game.

The Story

The protagonist is on his way home to his parents’ house for a holiday weekend.

He drives his car on a deep mountain road.

Suddenly, a human-like shadow jumps out and he slams on the brakes in a panic.

But he fails to do so in time, and runs over the shadow.

He gets out of the car and checks the road, but there is no one there, only a pool of blood.

Only a pool of blood was left on the mountain road.

Perhaps the victim is in danger if he is not rescued in a hurry.

Feeling a sense of unease, he follows the pool of blood and steps onto the mountain road.

Number of endings


Game system, operability

The game contains elements of survival horror in which the player runs and hides from enemies.

It contains elements of a walking simulator in which the player moves around the map while examining items.

The contents of this game are not related in any way to the actual content of Gigantorio that was posted on the Internet.

The content of this game has nothing to do with the actual content of the “Gigantor” posted on the Internet or the person who posted it, and does not support the accuracy of the urban legends.

In addition, please be aware that we have changed and added original settings in the making of the game.

Please be aware that we have made changes and additions to the original settings in the making of the game.

We welcome live game distribution.

No advance notice is required, but please include the URL of the store page in the summary section of the distribution page.




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