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Night Blights (v1.1)


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A light-hearted indie ‘survive the night’ game inspired by Gremlins.

It’s 11pm. Your parents are asleep and Teddy is guarding the end of the bed. Something’s moving in the darkness. The wardrobe is creaking and there’s laughter behind the door. Night Blights, cruel and mischievous monsters have invaded your home.

Can you survive till morning and protect your family for the whole week?

Click here to play the Greenlight Demo on Game Jolt!

“This is the most content rich survive the night game I’ve played” .. “Night Blights is much more than its time-management mechanics. At its core, it is a fun, light-hearted B-movie homage that was treated with plenty of care and attention to detail”

– John “Harshly Critical” (Youtuber) 2016

Taking inspiration from a host of horror staples, Night Blights is an ambitious evolution of time-management style horror games, focused on providing players with solid, enjoyable gameplay. Prepare to battle through seven nights of building intensity surrounded by the silence of night. Wander your home from the perspective of a small child whilst keeping your family safe. Randomized events make each play-through unique and full of unpredictable scares and situations. Unlock the Freeplay mode to explore the house in peace, learn its secrets and hunt down tons of Easter eggs.


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