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Nosferatu’s Butler


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Nosferatu’s Butler
Nosferatu’s Butler

Nosferatu’s Butler is a first-person game that takes place inside Count Vlad’s mysterious mansion, better known as Count Dracula: Nosferatu.

Under the alias Vlad, Dracula is known as a renowned doctor specializing in blood disorders.

The game features the first night of work of the newly hired butler Timor. Nosferatu is a mysterious individual and a great admirer of charades.

During the game, this novice butler must decipher all the riddles located in different places in the mansion. This game has an ending. However, you can stay in the house for as long as you like.

Become a Butler at Count Dracula’s mansion!

Follow the first night of work by the butler of the most notorious vampire in history: Nosferatu. The first challenge will be to deal with the expectations of the master, who is about to return from a long trip abroad. Decipher the master’s riddles and prepare the asylum to receive Count Dracula’s first patients. Get ready to face the greatest mystery of the master Count Dracula, the Nosferatu.

You’ll explore every room in the mansion. in the first person. He will collect items and eat while checking that everything is in order.

Read the books and comics available inside the property. Count Dracula doesn’t care about that. However, know that you will be absorbed by the soul that lives in the mansion. You will become a vampire if you are not careful.

Playing is extremely easy because you can use your computer’s keyboard and mouse or you can choose a joystick.

During the game you can:

Collect items are hidden in the mansion,

Read messages and save them in inventory to review later,

You can feed with some food items (apple only). However, over time you will feel a strong desire to drink BLOOD. Listen to the various voice messages spread in different places. You have complete autonomy inside the mansion. Remember that this is your first night, and know that there is no one else with you … other than hidden monsters and bats.

Nosferatu’s Butler

Nosferatu’s Butler


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