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New 1 vs 4 Multiplayer Map

New Single Player Campaign!

Begin your journey as the Saboteur on your mission of destruction. Play the first mission right now and the rest as they are released in the future.

With new gameplay features expanding with each mission and all new interactions and cinematics for a better single player experience.

New Gameplay Features

New Single Player Mode: Sole Survivor!

Do what it takes to survive the rage of rampaging aliens.


In a game of one versus up to six other players both teams need to use observational skills and planning to succeed.

On the main map there are 12 objectives spread across three floors. You have 30 minutes. There are 6 Security Forces and the Saboteur only needs 6 objectives to win. Play too passive as Security and you lose.

Key Fetures:

  • Saboteur Must Deliver an Item
  • Security Has Flashlights For the Darkness
  • Saboteur Has Nightvision For the Darkness
  • Fully voiced dialogue system
  • Quest objectives
  • Cinematics
  • You have to achieve your objective of sabotaging enough critical areas while blending in with the AI controlled scientists. Don’t draw any unwanted attention. Observe and mimic the scientists.
  • You have several tools to your advantage, like the ability to sabotage lights and doors among others.
  • With greater mobility you can outmanoeuvre Security Forces if you play smart.
  • Deduce the identity of the Saboteur by observing the scientists.
  • Patrol and defend the critical stations from sabotage.
  • Work together with the rest of the Security Force, communication is key.




System minimum

System recommended