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Selene’s Unbearable Night


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Selene’s Unbearable Night
Selene’s Unbearable Night

Learn about Selene’s story

A woman who is kidnapped and her only goal is to survive, but she soon realizes that there is a much darker secret than she could have imagined.

On her way, Selene will meet people who will help her face this situation, however, others will be in charge of getting in her way.

Narrative Story

Learn the story of the characters of Selene’s Unbearable Night through dialogues and cinematics; With two playable characters you will be able to discover in depth the reasons and motives behind all this.

Free combat

Choose your way of fighting; Whether it’s with your trusty knife, firearms or stealth, you’ll be able to finish off different types of enemies; use the environment to your advantage and dominate the fight, with moves like dodge and parry.

Resource management

Take care of your resources, since these are scarce; collect key objects in order to discover Selene´s story.

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Puzzle Solving

Pay attention to the environment, investigate and collect items to solve puzzles.

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