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Seventh Angel


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Seventh Angel
Seventh Angel

Experience survival horror like never before. Through the eyes of Dr. Marshall Kane, you must make your way through a labyrinth-like mental hospital during a contagion outbreak that changes it’s victims into zombie-like creatures of terror. You must unravel the mysteries of your own past as you discover clues and interact with the inhabitants of the hospital to try and find your daughter before it’s too late.

A host of adversaries roam the hallways of the institution as well as deep beneath it’s testing chambers. You most use stealth and cunning to evade your pursuers.

Immerse yourself in a story-driven adventure inspired by classic psychological horror films that presents a deeply atmospheric alternative horror experience.

First-Person Action – Players will assume the role of Dr. Marshall Kane and experience every up-close encounters and terrifying pursuit through a first-person perspective.

Seventh Angel

Seventh Angel


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