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Sketchy’s Contract


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Sketchy’s Contract
Sketchy’s Contract

Sketchy’s Contract is a co-op horror looting game set in outer space where you, a traveler, have caught wind of an exciting advertisement promising a grand adventure with great rewards. Your duties will be simple but fun! Whether alone or with friends, you’ll be able to travel to exotic planets, harvest planetary materials, fight alien lifeforms, and search for scattered loot. The catch? There’s no catch at all! Sketchy simply asks that you do not fail to complete your contract

Your Suit

Your suit comes equipped with an oxygen supply that must be maintained and even comes with a built-in flashlight that runs on its own battery life, so you don’t have to worry about carrying one while you search dark areas for scrap. Oxygen and Battery can be restored at Suit Charges found on your ship and spread throughout multiple buildings on the planet.

The Night Shift

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Players must vote at 9PM each night they are on a planet to determine whether they are staying overnight or leaving to orbit to start a new day. Why stay overnight? Well, there’s better loot, of course. However, the Night Shift is very dangerous.


Finding scrap doesn’t have to be boring. You can:

Explore – the easiest method requires you to search buildings for scrap. Access crates are typically the best place to look.

Gather – gathering tools can be used to farm the planet for materials. Take the shovel, for example, it can be used to dig up buried sites containing hidden loot!

Hunt – if you’re brave enough, you can be the hunter instead of the hunted and kill creatures. Some of them can even be picked up and taken back to your ship like any other scrap!

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