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The Forgotten Tapes: Twisted Forms


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The Forgotten Tapes: Twisted Forms
The Forgotten Tapes: Twisted Forms

The Forgotten Tapes is back! This time with a new collection of horror games set to make your body shake. Once again, The Forgotten Tapes is based on a central theme, with new and existing developers all with their own stories to tell. The game will once again allow you to play from a series of VHS tapes that have been found during your night shift at the morgue. But what has brought these 8 lost souls to your door? Not only will you get to experience 8 new stories, but you will also need to experiment, conduct autopsies, and manage your surroundings whilst trying to figure out what is going on.

The Forgotten Tapes: Twisted Forms, will spook and scare you along with its new launcher, set inside an interactive morgue. So grab your scalpel, grab your bone saw, and be prepared to discover what lies within “The Forgotten Tapes”.

The theme for this collection is “Body Horror”. We understand that body horror is something that everyone can relate to. Whether it be that uncanny person or those extra limbs you’ve grown, here we have 8 new additional stories to make you scream along the way. Body horror has inspired millions of creations throughout the years and now, we wish to share what we have in store for you all.

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Nano: Directed by Adriano Silva

“It grows inside your body; its roots and polyps spread faster than any known body anomaly. It moves and changes everything around it, setting up its own defense mechanisms as if it had a mind of its own.

It is time to test the Nano project.”

Autopsy: Directed by Aaron Wise & Sulfer

“When a research center goes radio silent, they send in Dr. Eli Thompson to investigate. The facility had recently discovered a new life form frozen in the ice below. Inside, he is greeted with silence and the bodies of his former co-workers. Desperate to uncover the truth, Dr. Eli Thompson turns to answers by way of carrying out experiments on the dead to find out what happened”.

The Sculptor: Directed by Jamie and Razorshark

“A freelance reporter’s investigation into a series of missing local townsfolk takes a dark turn when she finds herself trapped within a starving artist’s frozen obsession.”

The Forgotten Tapes: Twisted Forms PC Crack